Ten Grain Nutritional Diet

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No Sugar and no salt, Liquid diet, Vegetarian, Natural

Ten Grain Nutritional Diet is made by natural grain. No sugar and no cholesterol.
 It contains natural dietary fiber, calcium and iron and is suitable for people who just
 recover from bad disease and help supply body nutritious element and minerals.


  Brown Rice, Barley, Wheat, Buckwheat, Oat, Millet, Black Glutinous Rice, Lotus
  Seeds, Gorgon Fruit, Red Job’s Tears.


  Pour in 180cc boiled water which could be adjusted according to personal taste.


  25g per pack; Chinese—5 packs/box, 10 packs/box, 30 packs/box,

  25g per pack; English—10 packs/box


V. 10 kinds of grain. Liquid diet. Just add water and drink.

V. Contain iron and calcium. No cholesterol.

V. Use natural ingredients. No pesticides, preservatives or any artificial agents.

V. HALAL certified. Qualified Islamic Food.

V. HACCP certified. Free from melamine, insecticides, E. coli, and other microorganisms.

V. ISO22000 certified. Our production processes conform to international standard.

V. SGS certified. Free from E. coli.

V. Vegetarian. 100% made in Taiwan.

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