【King Kung】Taiwan Longan Drink (13g x 30 packs)

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Key Features

Mellow, Original, Longan inside
No artificial ingredients, flavoring or preservatives
Longan can stabilize nerve and nourish the vitality. 9-11 o'clock in the morning and 7-9 o'clock in the evening is the best period of memory and attention of human, so it is the best period of working and studying. At this period, a cup of natural, aromatic longan tea, enjoy benefit of studying and working.
※Ingredients: Premium Longan Pulp, Brown Sugar, Sugar.
1. 13g add 200cc (25g add 300cc) of boiling water, stir and ready to drink.
  2. Pour in 50cc boiling water and stir, and then add 150cc of ice cube, stir and ready to drink.
  3. Can make dessert, like Brown Rice Porridge, Green Bean Soup, Red Bean Soup, and Sticky Rice Ball of longan taste.
※Best time to drink: Between 9am-11am and between 7pm-9pm. When you are studying or working.
※Package: 13g per pack; Chinese--5 packs/box, 10 packs/box, 30 packs/box,
                    English--10 packs/box
                    Japanese--10 packs/box
                    Korean--10 packs/box
V. Special select Taiwan longan. Need not to boil, just add hot water.
V. Use natural ingredients. No pesticides, preservatives or any artificial agents.
V. Test done in HACCP. Free from melamine, insecticides, E. Coli, and other microorganisms.
V. Test done in ISO22000. Our production processes conform to international standard.
V. Test done in SGS. Free from E. Coli.
V. You can eat longan in it! Contain iron and calcium. No cholesterol.
V. Use the longan which is smoked by wood of longan.
V. Vegetarian. 100% made in Taiwan.
Product Name:  Taiwan Longan Drink
Ingredients Premium Longan Pulp, Brown Sugar, Sugar.
Origin Taiwan, ROC
Nutrition Facts
  50.4 kcal
Specification 13g x 30 packs
Food additives None
Preparation » Hot Drink:Pour in 150cc of boiling water. Stir and ready to drink.
» Cold drink:Pour in 50cc of boiling water and stir. Add 100cc of ice cube.
 Notice To be stored in a dry and cool place.
Exp Date As shown on the box. 
Shelf Life 12 Months

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