【King Kung】Lotus Root Almond Drink (30g x 5 packs)

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Key Features

Mellow, Tasty, Natural

Lotus root is the root and tuber of lotus,slightly sweet, crisp, and can be eaten raw. 

It contains starch, protein and vitamin C, which regulates physiological functions 

and processes. You can eat the almond granule in Almond Drink. When you eat that,

the fragrance of almond will full out of your month. There arealso white fungus and

lotus root in this drink, and their springy texture.

It is nourishing and it can help the bodystronger, also is good for postpartum women.

Almond is rich in unsaturated fattyacid and vitamin E, which can keep the cell

membrane complete and skin healthy.Lotus Root Almond Drink can match pancakes

or deep-fried twisted dough sticks.


Almond Powder, Almond Flavor, Lotus Root, Milk, Vegetable Milk, Sugar, White Fungus.


1. Pour in 150cc boiled water which could be adjusted according to personal taste.

2. Pour in 50cc boiling water and stir, add 100cc of ice cube.

Best time to drink

In any time


30g per pack; Chinese5packs/box, 10 packs/box, 30 packs/box,

            English—5 bags/ box, 5packs/box, 10 packs/box


V. You can eat the almond nut!

V. We use Taiwan lotus root and white fungus to reach a good quality.

V. Use natural ingredients. No pesticides, preservatives or any artificial agents.

V. Certified by HALAL. Friendly to Muslims.

V. Certified by HACCP. Free from melamine, insecticides, E. coli, and othermicroorganisms.

V. Certified by ISO22000. Our production processes conform to international standard.

V. Certified by in SGS. Free from E. coli.

V. Contain iron, calcium and natural dietary fiber.

V. Lacto vegetarian. 100% made in Taiwan.




Product Name:  Lotus Root Almond Drink 
Ingredients Almond Powder, Amygdalus, Lotus Root Powder, Milk Powder, Non-dairy Creamer (Glucose Syrup, Palm Oil, Sodium Caseinate, Salt), Sugar, Corn Starch, White Fungus.
Origin Taiwan, ROC
Nutrition Facts
  146 kcal
Specification 30g x 5 packs
Food additives None
Preparation » Hot Drink:Pour in 150cc of boiling water. Stir and ready to drink.
» Cold drink:Pour in 50cc of boiling water and stir. Add 100cc of ice cube.
 Notice To be stored in a dry and cool place.
Exp Date As shown on the box. 
Shelf Life 12 Months

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  • Minimum Order:1 Piece(s)
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