Healthy Soft Agar Fungus Drink

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    • Type:Instant Powder
    • 3 packs:3 packs/box

    Key Features


    Our agar fungus drink is made from black fungus, white fungus, jujube, brown sugar, agar powder…etc.
    Crisp taste of black fungus, smooth agar and light sweet jujube not only increase satiety but also increase nutrition. In addition, we put ourselves in customer shoe’s, using brown sugar rather than other sugar. It is because brown sugar has more mineral and healthier than others.
    According to your preference, you can make agar fungus drink into a hot drink or a refreshing healthy drink.
    Just need a few time and water to enjoy the drink.



    Our major ingredients are black fungus and agar. Black fungus is also known as “black treasure” which has high nutritional value and certain medicinal value. It contains eight kinds of amino acids and vitamins that the human body must need, and it is also rich in collagen, dietary fiber, polysaccharides and anticoagulant substances. So, it is a superb ingredient and helpful for our body.


    In order to make mouthfeel better, we also add agar in the drink. It’s  good for health and it suits for lots of drinks.

    Both of black fungus and agar are low calories. So, you don’t worry about calories when you enjoy this healthy soft drink. Let’s try this sweet and palatable drink, you will love it.

    Product information

    Careful select materials

    Every step from raw materials to package is be strictly monitor. Without preservative and artificial coloring to make sure safety and healthy.

    Complexity of texture

    You can eat chewy, delicious and refreshing fungus.

    Made in Taiwan

    Use local ingredients.100 % made in Taiwan.

    Assure Quality

    • HACCP certified
    • ISO-22000 certified
    • HALAL certified
    • SGS certified.

    Product detail

    Product: Agar Fungus Drink(Vegetarian)

    Ingredients: Black Fungus, Jujube, Psyllium Sees Husk, Brown Sugar, Sugar, Starch, Agar Powder, White Fungus.

    Specification:16g x 3packs

    Serving Time: Every time.

    Recommend: Added ice cube and stir will become jelly.

    Notice: Please finish as soon as possible. Keep in the cool and dry place.

    Exp Data: As shown as the box.

    Shelf Life:12 months.

    Made In Taiwan.

    Manufacturer by: KingKung Health Food Co., Ltd

    Add:No.12,Lane 94,Xinmin St., Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City 235,Taiwan(R.O.C)



    Use Direction

    Three steps and easy to drink.


    1.Pour in 150c.c. boiling water and stir.

    2.Open the package.

    3.Stir and ready to drink.


    1.Pour in 50c.c. boiling water and stir.

    2.Add 100c.c. of ice cube.

    3.Stir and ready to drink.

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