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    • Type:Instant Powder

    Key Features


    • It consists of five vegetables which are turnip leaf,carrot, burdock, turnip and Shiitake mushroom. Our vegetable soup is devoted to the way that people who are usually busy with work or eating out can have balanced nutrition and healthy diet.


    • The taste is light, you can smell a touch of radish fragrance without adding any seasoning to highlight the flavor of the five vegetables themselves.


    • Powder packaging for easy carrying and brewing , can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, and quickly replenish five different kinds of nutrition.


    Nowadays, people are often busy with work leading to abnormal eating habits, or eating outside food, causing imbalance in the body's nutrition, and slowly developing into chronic diseases.

    Our vegetable drink hopes that everyone can easily supplement the missing nutrients while they are busy with their work.

    Therefore, we applied the concept of five elements in Chinese medicine and used five kinds of vegetables to correspond to the five internal organs of the human body.

    The radish leaves which represent the wood correspond to the liver system. They are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, plant fiber, digestive enzymes, iron, etc.

    Carrots which represent fire correspond to the heart's vascular system. They contain high levels of cellulose and selenium, and are rich in vitamin B1, vitamin B2,calcium , iron, potassium, etc.

    Burdock which represents the earth corresponds to the spleen's stomach system and is rich in inulin, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and dietary fiber, its radishine content is 150 times that of radish.

    White radish which represents metal corresponds to the lung system, rich in digestive enzymes, lignin, calcium, sodium, etc.

    Shiitake which represents water corresponds to the kidney system and is rich in vitamin B group, iron, potassium, etc., and contains 7 of the 8 kinds of amino acids that is necessary for the human body.

    Products information

     Careful select material 

    Every step from raw materials to package is strictly monitored.Without preservative and artificial coloring to make sure safety and healthy.

     Easy to use 

    The concept was using green,red,yellow,white and black-colored vegetables which represented the five elements:Wood,Fire,Earth,Metal and Water.

     Made in Taiwan 

    Use local ingredients.100 % made in Taiwan.

     Assure quality 

    • HACCP certified
    • ISO-22000 certified
    • HALAL certified
    • SGS certified


    Prouct specifications

    Product:Tumip,Carrot,Tumip Leaf,Burdock, shiitake.

    Specification:8g x 3packs

    Serving Time:An empty stomach.

    Recommend:In the morning or night.

    Notice:Please finish as soon as possible. Keep in the cool and dry place.

    Exp Data:As shown as the box.

    Shelf Life:12 months.

    Made In Taiwan.

    Manufacturer by:KingKung Health Food Co.,Ltd

    Add:No.12,Lane 94,Xinmin St.,Zhonghe Dist.,New Taipei City 235,Taiwan(R.O.C)




    Three steps and easy to drink.

    1. Pour in 200c.c. boiling water and stir.
    2. Open the package.
    3. Stir and ready to drink.

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