Genki Jujube Drink, Classic, Traditional drink

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    • Type:Instant Powder
    • 3 packs:3 packs/box

    Key Features

    Product Feature

    Genki Jujube Drink is made from three major ingredients: jujube, astragali radix, lycii fructus. Every ingredients is good for body. It has light fragrance and it has faint taste.
    This product especially suits for weak people. It can help your body become healthier.
    We make this product into powdered. Powdered pack is convenient for you to bring. Just need some water and a few minutes that you can enjoy Genki Jujube Drink.
    Using this product during afternoon tea is also a great choice for you. 



    Generally speaking, we are afraid of herbs tea, no matter kids or adults, especially kids. Because we think these types of drink normally have a bad taste. Even though we all know it’s very good for health, we still resist it because of its odd flavor. However, our Genki jujube drink, broke down yours imagine. You don’t need to worry about this product has odd flavor.
    Genki jujube drink is composed of jujube, astragali radix, lycii fructus, as the title “Genki”, the Japanese vocabulary, this herb tea can bring some energy to the human body.
    After repeated research and development, we have attained the most balanced ratio of tastes. It tastes a bit sweet and ripe. We make the all-out effort to balance mouthfeel and nutrition, hope that customers can gain great experiences on our products.

    The nutritive value of the main ingredient 

    Jujube: is also known as Chinese red date. The berries packed with an impressive list of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, including health benefiting tannins, vitamin-C, calcium, iron, the B-complex group of vitamins…etc, that are required for healthy growth, development and overall well-being.

    Products information

    Careful select material

    Every step from ingredient to the package are strictly monitored.

    Without preservatives and artificial coloring to make sure safety and health.

    Easy to use

    The powdered herbal tea pack is convenient to take along.

    The method of Brewing is very easy to finish.

    Just three steps

    1.Pour in hot water

    2.Stir and ready to drink.


    Made in Taiwan

    Use the best food raw material in Taiwan.

    100% made in Taiwan.


    Assure quality

    HACCP certified

    ISO-22000 certified

    HALAL certified

    SGS certified




    Product: Genki jujube drink (Vegan)
    Ingredients: jujube, astragali radix, lycii fructus, corn starch
    Specification:10g x 3packs
    Exp Data: Shelf Life:12 months.
    Made In Taiwan.
    Recommend:1-2times a day.
    Notice: Please finish as soon as possible. Keep in the cool and dry place.
    Manufactured by: KingKung Health Food Co., Ltd
    Add:No.12,Lane 94,Xinmin St.,Zhonghe Dist.,New Taipei City 235,Taiwan(R.O.C)

    Methods of Brewing:

    Just two steps and you can enjoy it!

    1.Pour in 150cc of boiling water.

    2 stir and ready to taste.

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