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    • Type:Instant Powder

    Key Features


    • Black sesame cereal is a classic Chinese dessert,made of black sesame,rice,cashew nut,pumpkin seed,etc.It is one of the best product in KingKung.


    • It's thick and has a rich black sesame taste and aroma.There are walnut,cashew nuts and pumpkin seeds in it.


    • Powder packaging for easy carrying and brewing , and enjoy this nutritious and delicious dessert anytime, anywhere.


    Black sesame cereal is a classic Chinese dessert and tastes thick, rich, creamy, nutty, simply delicious and healthy. lf you like the aroma of black sesame,you are really going to enjoy this sweety and tasty dessert.

    It is very quick and easy to make that just requires only water or another way like milk to transform into jelly, pudding, gruel, or some species of thick, sweet beverage.

    On the other way,in the busy morning,black sesame cereal can make you resolve the breadfast quickly. And it has rich nutrients can increase satiety and provide energy let you have a good start.

    After repeated research and development, we have attained the most balanced ratio of tastes. It tastes a bit sweet and ripe. We make the all-out effort to balance mouthfeel and nutrition, hope that customers can gain great experiences on our products.

    If you have never eaten toasty warm dessert soup before. Try new things.This is going to be a great changer for you.

    Products information

     Careful select material 

    Every step from raw materials to package is strictly monitored..Without preservative and artificial coloring to make sure safety and healthy.

     Complexity of texture 

    Black sesame baking by handmade,subvert your impression of the traditional black sesame cereal.

     Made in Taiwan 

    Use local ingredients.100 % made in Taiwan.

     Assure quality 

    • HACCP certified
    • ISO-22000 certified
    • HALAL certified
    • SGS certified


    Product specification

    Product:Black Sesame Cereal (Lacto Vegetarian)

    Ingredients:Black Sesame,Cereals Powder(Brown Rice,Barley,Wheat,Oat,Buckwheat,Millet,Black Glutinous Rice,Lotus,Cashew Nut,Walnut,Pumpkin Seed,Melon Seed Kernel,Milk Powder,Suger,Guar Gum,Vitamin E.

    Specification:37 x 3packs

    Serving Time:Everytime.

    Recommend:Allergy to nuts

    Notice:Please finish as soon as possible. Keep in the cool and dry place.

    Exp Data:As shown as the box.

    Shelf Life:12 months.

    Made In Taiwan.

    Manufacturer by:KingKung Health Food Co.,Ltd

    Add:No.12,Lane 94,Xinmin St.,Zhonghe Dist.,New Taipei City 235,Taiwan(R.O.C)




       Three steps and easy to drink.

    1. Pour in 180c.c. boiling water and stir.
    2. Open the package.
    3. Stir and ready to drink.

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    • KING KUNG Black Sesame Cereal video

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