The Experience of Visiting King Kung booth in Vegetarian Exhibition


From April fifth to April eighth, there are two exhibitions in Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1:Vegetarian Exhibition and another food exhibition. We are invited by King Kung to visit their booth in Vegetarian Exhibition. Do you think the exhibition is boring when you hear it? Actually, I think so at first, and it is because there are some bad memories in my head about vegetarian when I was little. But by this experience, I change my mind and start to love it.

Vegetarian Exhibition is not only for those who are vegan, but also has organic food, healthy, health care and others topics. So, it would be popular by all ages. Before we arrive at the hall, we think it won’t be a lot of people at that day. But we are wrong, there are so many people there even the exhibition needs ticket. And it is because every booth sells different product such as tea, bean, drink and other food. King Kung staff are very busy when we go to their booth. There are many products display around the booth. The staff are welcome to us and let us try some drink. 
King Kung booth
First, Lotus Root Almond Drink, the most popular and the best-selling, has thick and aromatic almond scent before we try it. It tastes good, smooth and it also has grain in this drink! Lotus Root Almond Drink is different from traditional almond drink. It adds lotus root to increase nutrition and decrease a little of thick almond aroma. (Some people don’t like the aroma of almond because odor is too intense.) I think it will be loved by lots of people. 
Second, Taro Coconut Milk Drink, Good Energy and Healthy drink, uses Taiwan taro with tropical flavor coconut, creates a new taste and has very thick taro flavor. It tastes superb and there are some coconut residue on surface. It’s really delicious. 
Third, Smoked Plum Drink, The Best Beverage /Ice Drink, only made by smoked plum and sugar. As the saying goes: quench someone’s thirst by thinking of plums. Truly, plum not only can relieve thirst but also it is appetizing. Because of sour flavor, it will stimulate your taste buds. This drink with the right balance of sweetness and tartness, it will give you an unforgettable taste. I recommend those who like sour taste’s people must try this drink.
 King Kung has many products
In sum, by this precious experience, I know why Vegetarian Exhibition is also popular. People care more about healthy and diet nowadays. By visiting the exhibition, we can learn more about how to eat health and have correct diet concept.